Earl C. and Frances E. AuBuchon Memorial Scholarship

Earl AuBuchon and Frances (Taylor) AuBuchon were raised in St. Francois County, in the Lead Belt region of southeastern Missouri. Earl met Frances, a friend of his sister, prior to World War II. They were married at the end of the war when Earl returned from serving overseas in the Army Air Corps. Shortly thereafter they moved to South St. Louis City where they raised 6 children. Earl worked at the same factory job for 41 years while Frances stayed at home with their children.

Although Earl left high school prior to graduation to help support his family financially and Frances received no further education after high school, they placed a great emphasis on the importance of their children doing well in school. They sent their children to Catholic grade and high schools as long as they were able to do so and expected good grades from each of them. Although they could not afford to pay for their children to attend college, they supported their efforts in other ways. Both were avid readers, Earl of the newspaper all his life and in later years of western novels. Fances collected carefully selected books on everything from sewing, etiquette, and other homemaking skills to world history, art, and poetry. Of their 6 children, one attended community college, graduating from its nursing school; one attended the University of Missouri — St. Louis for a year; two graduated from UMSL with degrees in Business Administration and Chemistry; and one went on to complete an MBA at Washington University.

After 36 years of marriage, Frances passed away in 1982. Earl died in 2004 at the age of 86. They would have been proud that many of their grandchildren thus far have been able to attend college. This scholarship is meant to honor the sacrifices they made for their children and the value they placed on education. Its purpose is to encourage first generation college attendance for other families.

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Recipients must be Missouri residents living in St. Louis City or County.
  2. Recipients must enroll full-time at UMSL and the Pierre Laclede Honors College.
  3. Students must remain in good academic standing, as required by the Honors College, including GPA and program progression.
  4. The award will be made to students where neither parent graduated from a four-year college or university.
  5. Recipients may be new students transferring to UMSL.
  6. Recipients must remain in good standing with the Pierre Laclede Honors College to be considered for renewal.

Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate leadership ability and have made significant contributions to the community. Please discuss how you meet those criteria.