Schuermann Family Scholarship

The donor’s gift was prompted by the official end of his father’s generation with the final passing of the last of his eight siblings, which included six brothers and two sisters. These nine siblings were raised by their mother following the untimely death of their father at a young age. This reflects a period in U.S. history when families pulled together to survive, no work was too menial to undertake, and no child was considered too young to make his or her contribution to the family budget. Each individual grew up with the sense that there was always something bigger than each one of them.

All nine became good, productive citizens. Their careers, without the benefit of college, and in most cases high school, included service station dealers, teacher, furniture store owner, business executive, and office workers. Their “success” was probably best exemplified not by financial worth but by their own children’s continuing good citizenship. By taking advantage of educational opportunities, both undergraduate and graduate, their careers proudly include airline pilot, dentist, educator, entrepreneur, social worker, and many others.

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Recipient must be enrolled full-time at UMSL (12 credit hours each semester).
  2. Recipient must be a sophomore or junior in the College of Business Administration.
  3. Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  4. Candidates must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and demonstrate financial need.
  5. Recipients will reflect the qualities that have made the Schuermann family successful, such as a strong work ethic, willingness to work hard, and the determination to succeed.