The Hispanic Educational, Cultural and Scholarship Fund

The Hispanic Educational, Cultural and Scholarship Fund is pleased to award scholarships of $1,000 to Latino students in college or college-bound every year. These scholarships are recognition of a student’s overall achievements, and are available to Hispanic/Latino students that are permanent residents in the Greater St. Louis area (includes Missouri and Illinois) enrolled in post-secondary course work or trade school every fall.

For the purpose of this scholarship and to qualify, at least one of the applicant’s grandparents must be or have been Hispanic/Latino. Members of the board of directors of Hispanic ECS Fund and their relatives cannot be applicants.

In order to enter the selection process the completed application must be received by May 31, every year. Next scholarship program will be available in 2017. The scholarships are presented during the event sponsored by Hispanic Scholarship Alliance of St. Louis scheduled to be held on the last Friday, of July every year.

To see more information and to apply, please click the VISIT button at the bottom of the page.